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  • 8 August 2023
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I’ve seen the new images widget option you launched recently. That’s great, thank you! But: how can I add images from my desktop or from my Google Drive?

If I want to add e.g. our logo from our official source, I need to take the official one we have in Drive, but that URL or pasting it into my desktop, is not working. It just works with a web page in my browser (but I can’t use that one as is not with the quality I want or not coming from our official sources)


Thank you!!


Best answer by Chris 12 January 2024, 19:11

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Hey all,


Due to some recent (January 2024) updates to googles drive third-party cookies, it is now no longer possible to link to Google Drive for hosting of images.  This will impact Images in Grids, Org Chart, and Image widgets.


Thank you for your understanding,