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  • 1 February 2023
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Hi everyone!

I would like to know which encoding is recommanded when importing a document containing € signs. 

I usually pick the “Western European (ISO)” encoding but the € signs are not compatible:

Could you please help me understand if this comes from the encoding or if I should adjust another parameter when importing data?

Thanks! 🤗



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3 replies

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Hi Elodie,


UTF-8 is the typical encoding that should be used. it is a global standard.


Note that if you are trying to get a €100.55 text field loaded as number in Pigment, that is not an encoding question. € is a text char and shouldn’t be in a number field when loading/exporting from software.

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Hi Elodie,


I hope you’re well! I’ve tried to replicate this and I can see € symbols on all encoding options (and remove them on the formatting tab ready for upload).


Can you please raise a ticket to us and attach a sample file so we can investigate this for you? You can do so here.


Many thanks!

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Hi Keiran,

It’s okay I have changed the import to a text property instead of number.