Is there a way to bring data from a metric to a dimension property?

  • 7 February 2023
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I have a metric containing data that I would like to associate to a dimension list property, the LASTNONBLANK formulae is not working.


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Hi Khadija,

Typically, any formula that produces a one-dimension structure can be used in making a property in a dimension. You can use the Formula Playground in Automatic Structure and work towards a result that has a structure of one dimension. You’ll then be able to use that formula in a property of the same format.

For dimension-format items, we typically use the LASTNONBLANK aggregator to get rid of additional dimensions.

For example, if I have a metric that describes in which country my employees are in any given month (Country metric by Employee x Month), I can use the following formula to create a Last Country in my employee dimension: 'Country by Employee and Month'[REMOVE LASTNONBLANK: Month]

The formula needed and its result will entirely depend on your model though.

Is there an error message that you get I can help you with? If you share the structure of your source metric, I can probably help you get to a working formula.