Is there a way to standardize special characters within Dimension Blocks?

  • 17 January 2023
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Wondering if there is a way to handle special characters that are present when dimensionalizing a text field where they are initially present.  In this example, the tilde over the “e” in cafe shows properly on the “Channel Name” of Type Text, but does not within the “Parent” field of type Dimension.




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5 replies

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This is something that should be dealt with during the import.

It looks like your Parent property comes from a different dimension that may not have been imported with the relevant encoding.

In the first step of your import, under file setting, you can change the encoding of the file.

You can control it is correctly imported using the panel on the right, representing the data as parsed by Pigment.

You may have to import your file again!

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response, was there a specific encoding that can be recommended based on this linguistic use-case?

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It’s highly dependent on the source system, so you’ll have to either look there or try different encodings by yourself.

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Thanks so much, we will give that a try!

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The Western European (ISO) encoding did the trick, thanks so much!