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  • 9 January 2023
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Hello community :) 

I have a dimension with all my employee and their packages (with historization). For example: one personn who received a salary increase have 2 rows:

  • first row with start end date of previous package
  • second row with start date as end date of the previous package

Would it be possible to create a formula which allows to have a filter in page which ables to select only the last value in the dimension for each employee (ie the last up to date package)?


Thanks a lot!


Best answer by francois 9 January 2023, 16:50

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3 replies

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Hi Alix,

Have you tried using the Last Non Blank aggregator in the view aggregators?


You could either put your version as page, or as row/column and have the total (e.g. the last non blank value) shown in the total row/column.


The other option would be to create a separate block without your version dimension and add a [REMOVE LASTNONBLANK: Version] in your formula, but I’m not sure this is what you’d want.


Let me know if I got your question wrong!

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Thanks Francois, I’ll have a look and come back to you :) 

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All good on this one now, @Alix Noyon ? Hope so! :)