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  • 9 February 2023
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Dear community, is there any way I can bring values from a metric’s property to another property in a dimension that takes a value from a line all while specifying the property not to go beyond to make sure it takes the one before the current month?


P.S: I tried to use Remove LASTNONBLANK and it didn’t solve what I wanted.


2 replies

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Hi Khadija,


Hopefully my answer here: Fill date informed before a date | Community ( helps this.


I see you’ve mentioned current month - do you want this to dynamically change every month instead of being hardcoded? If so do you currently have a way to record current month (Such as using an application variable) that I can use to try and find a more suited answer.



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Hi Khadija,

You might want to look at the FILTER or EXCLUDE modifiers. Using this before the LASTNONBLANK, you will exclude the values you wouldn’t want to be taken into account in your result.