Managing Historical Data

  • 21 February 2023
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Hi everyone! I didn’t find a discussion on this:


What are best practices for updating your actuals monthly and maintaining the historical data? Do you just add new data to the same transaction list and it expands over time? Do you at some point consolidate historical data?




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2 replies

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Hi Trevor,


Yes typically we advise one source of data (accounting ledger being one) one transaction list.

Which will grow over time.

Even if your GL comes from different ERPs, I'd suggest striving to load them in the same TL (unless they are completely different and the mapping & transfos you need to do are wildly different).


One thing you can do, to increase clarity of your TL over time, is to duplicate it as a new year start and store the historical years in the duplicated TL while keeping the main one fresh of only the new year.

You’ll have to modify the metric that aggregate from your TL to take the duplicated one into account but that shouldn’t be too long



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Hi Trevor,
You can also leverage the Add load date feature in the import to date your transactions and either do a scoped deletion or use FILTER when using the data.

I do agree it’s 100% better to load everything in the same transaction though. It’s a much better approach overall as you won’t be duplicating the structure.