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  • 13 March 2024
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In my transactions list, I have a field called “Chain Simulate” which merges the dimensions “Ship Mode”, “Ship Mode Simulate” and “POL (code)” and returns as text property. Is there any way to merge the three dimensions and return in dimension property? The combinations are already created as a dimension in the background. 

My purpose is to : Based on the combination in the column “Chain Simulate”, it should return a number in the Lead Time column. Besides, the Lead time per combination is added within a dimension & also created a mapping Metric. 

Issues : I am able to merge & return the value only as a “Text” property so this text property cant perform a lookup to the below dimension or mapping.  Kindly let me the know also best way to retrieve the Lead time based on the combination. 


Dimenison : 


Mapping Metric : ( This is pulling the data from above chain dimension)


Let me know if its clear or not.


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Hi @Mohan ,

What you are looking to achieve could be solved using the ITEM function:

  1. Add a property having the dimension Chain as a data type or you could convert the existing property from text to the chain dimension
  2. apply the ITEM function in the property formula: ITEM( Concatenated text,
  3. Edit the Lead time property to use the Chain simulate property within your transaction

Hope this helps,

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Hi @Issam Moalla 

It works exactly to meet my requirement with the simple usage of ITEM Function. 

Can't be thankful enough for your quick tip.