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  • 20 July 2022
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I need your help on one metric.


Some information :

TL_RBRA : Transaction list with all orders.  “Order_id” is the primary key. There is a column “Brand_id

TL_Brand_Type : Transaction list with all Brands. “Brand_id” is the primary key. There is a column “Brand_Type

Gms_eur_without_vat = Gross Merchandise Value


In the transaction list “TL_RBRA”, I have two dimensions :

  • Month” with the colum “ts_checkout_payment_confirmed
  •  “Country” with the “retailer_country

I want to make this metric : 

TL_RBRA.gms_eur_without_vat  [by : TL_RBRA.ts_checkout_payment_confirmed.Month , TL_RBRA.retailer_country]

I want to add the dimension “Brand Type” in this metric but it is in the transaction list “TL_Brand_Type”.

I have a dimension “Brand_id” to make the link between these two transactions list. I don’t want to make a “Vlookup” to add  “Brand Type” in “TL_RBRA” but make it directly in the metric.



Do you have the solution ?


Thanks a lot for your help.




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I’m not sure of all formats on properties you mention, though my guess is that there’s probably one transaction too much.

TL_Brand_Type : Transaction list with all Brands. “Brand_id” is the primary key. There is a column “Brand_Type

If you have a property Brand Type on each Brand, it shouldn’t be in a transaction list except in some rare cases - it should be a property of the Brand dimension itself. You can directly import the property in the Brand dimension to fill a specific property / column.

Then you’ll be able to do something like
TL_RBRA.gms_eur_without_vat  [by : TL_RBRA.ts_checkout_payment_confirmed.Month , TL_RBRA.retailer_country, TL_RBA.Brand_id.'Brand Type']

typically chaining properties to get the property Brand Type of dimension Brand


If you feel more confident with keeping the transaction TL_Brand_Type, I still recommend you add a property Brand Type in your Brand dimension and add a formula like

TL_Brand_Type.'Brand Type'[BY LASTNONBLANK: TL_Brand_Type.Brand]


Please let me know if this helps!

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Thank you François.


Could we book a quick call today or tomorrow please?


Thank you in advance.

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We succeeded but we did not understand exactly the first part of your message.

If we can take some minutes together this week, it would be great.

Thank you again for your help.

Have a nice day.