• 17 August 2022
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Hello community 😀

Currently I have this metric which gives me Paid costs by country.

I want to allocate the “Global” row to other countries knowing that i have an allocation metric of contries according to their weight of sales compared to the total sales. 


I was thinking about doing someting like this - but it is not working :


Could you help me please ? :) Thanks a lot!


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3 replies

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Hi Alix,


You can do this with by taking the value for global only then allocated it. It is simpler if you start from the Paid to FB metric that you show here:

‘Paid FB Costs’[select:Country=Country.”Global”] * ‘Allocation Key Global’


Select is like doing Filter and then Remove, look it up it can do a lot of good things !

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The formula is working but the breakdown (Metric → Paid FB costs Global) is not equal to the total (Metric → Paid FB cost), i do not undertsand the issue 

Another point, i can i filter in the first metric (Paid FB cost) in order to exclude global and then to avoid double counting the global part in the metric Paid FB costs and in the new metric (Metric → Paid FB costs Global) ? 

Thanks a lot :) 

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The easiest way is to have 3 metrics: Paid FB Costs with everything,

then Paid FB costs Global with the global costs split on other regions

and then a final Paid FB Costs country only 

If you still have a variation, run the formulas in the playground and check if you get the same result, you’ll see right away if you have an issue of dimensions


to remove global costs on a metric, you can use the new EXCLUDE keyword like this:

Metric[EXCLUDE:Country = Country.”Global”]

It’s the same as FILTER but more convenient to exclude something