• 13 November 2023
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Dear All, 

How to construct a formula for moving multiplication? Similar to MOVINGSUM but with * rather than + ;)

The input is a % movement in given month as per below and I need to construct a compound growth rate. I.e. in 2028 it is 0.9438 (1.3*0.6*1.1*1.1)




2 replies

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Hi @Adam ,

Based on your example, I would use the PREVIOUS() Function with an Offset.
Let’s take a the following metric similar to your input % Movement:

We are looking to multiplying each month with the same month from last year. This would be possible with the Previous function with an offset of 12.
The formula would be as follows:

if('First Year', (1+'% Movement'),  (1+'% Movement') * PREVIOUS(Month,12))

Where the ‘First Year’  would be a boolean metric to get the values of the months from the first year. this would initialise the first year values for the Compound Growth rate metric above.

Hope this helps.


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Hey Adam,


Did you manage to get forward with this? :)