Multi Dimension Pivoting on Single Source Dimension

  • 14 February 2023
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Hi Community - I've noticed that if we have a multiple properties of an existing dimension mapped to a single dimension I'm unable to pivot the data multiple ways.

Is there a setting or adjustment that can be made so both can be displayed or is this a new request for the Product team.

We have a global account id called Global ID and we have proerties mapped to it related to the different product cohorts of that customer (Global_Cohort ,  Product1_CohortProduct2_CohortProduct3_Cohort ) which are all aligned to a single dimension Cohort_Months . When pivoting my data or adding it as a page selector I can only choose one of them and then am unable to choose another even though the Product1_Cohort is a different value vs Product2_Cohort. So if I want to show a matrix of this data I cannot do it. Have you encountered this issue before? Is there a solution beyond creating multiple Cohort_Months dimensions for each product?


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you are correct this is how it works now. It would be a good feature request, I’ll upvote :)

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Thanks for the confirmation @Nathan ! 

Attaching the request here - please share with others you think would find it valuable as well!