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  • 2 March 2023
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Hi everyone!


I’m using a Versions Dimension to allow for Actual + Forecast monthly planning. 1+11, 2+10, 3+9, etc.


For metrics with manual inputs, I’m wondering if there’s a way to have the formula statement be:

If the prior month is defined, default to that value. Otherwise, default to the prior version.


The idea would be that as I change versions, my inputs would carry to the next one. However, if in a later version I change the input for a month, that new input would propagate across all the future months in that version.


I tried a few versions of an IF statement using ISDEFINED, etc. but no luck.



4 replies

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Hey Trevor,


You should be able to do a:


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Hey @Nathan thanks. I probably didn’t explain it well.


There will be cases when the previous version will already fill, so the previous month will never be blank if that makes sense?


Pigment would treat the previous month as not blank, even though it isn’t a manual input.


Since there’s the hint flag on manually edited cells, I assume there’s a backend flag that identifies them? A function like ISMANUAL that returns a boolean value would be ideal for this case and probably lots of others!

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did you try my suggestion  ?


we don’t have ISMANUAL, you’ll need to duplicate the metric with the formula and compare the one with overrides with the copy

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Hey @Nathan when I try your suggested formula I get an error: formula is invalid message