Naming conventions for tables and charts versions

  • 5 April 2022
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When saving different versions of tables/charts, what are some good rules of thumb on how many to save and how to name them? I am trying to avoid saving too many so it doesn’t become overwhelming when I select the view for the boards. Wondering what the best practice is with the naming conventions and what works for different users.

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Hi @Natalie 

When naming views I tend to include a brief desciption of the dimensions in use or I make reference to the target audience / board.

For example,

Method 1
1. Revenue Table by Customer, Month and Version

2. ARR Waterfall Graph by Segment, Company Type and Year

Method 2
1. Exec Summary: P&L Table
2. Budget Owner: P&L Table
3. P&L Table Detailed View
4. Exec Summary: BvA Bar Chart

Regarding duplication of views, try to maintain good habits of deleting views not in use. Where a view can be used in multiple places, use it in multiple places (instead of creating a second view)