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  • 21 March 2024
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Hi Pigmenteers 🤗

I have 2 questions related to Pigment’s native scenarios:
1. What are the main benefits of using native scenarios instead of custom scenario list? 

2. I also learn that once you enable native scenarios in Pigment, the native scenarios will be applied to all the metrics in the application, is there a way we could remove it out of some specific metrics?



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2 replies

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Hi Thu Mai,

There’s a vocabulary debate on scenarios and versions in the finance world.

At Pigment, Scenario means simulation, best/worse case and that feature is made for that.

Advantage of using this feature for that is specifically the ease of creating a scenario on the fly, see the result, keep it or discard it.

The fact that it is applied on all blocks means you can actually activate it AFTER you have finished your build, which is great.


For the planning cycle Actuals/Budget/Forecast we typically use a “normal” dimension.


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thanks @Nathan a lot! 😊