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  • 9 September 2022
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When I upload info in a table, and the upload is giving me e.g. 2 new items in that table, do I have a detail of those 2 new items anywhere? To know exactly what I have as new.
I know when I upload and some items are not being populated for any reason, I can see in the “i” of information button the specific cases, but with the “new items” I don’t see that button with the specific items which are being added.
If there exists an option to see, could you please tell me?
If not, could we have it?


Best answer by Benoit 9 September 2022, 17:03

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5 replies

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All new items in lists (dimensions and transactions) are just added at the bottom. If your import says you’ve imported 12 items, those can be found as the 12 last items in your block when it’s not grouped / sorted / filtered.

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Hi  @francois -Is there a tip or best practice to check the last items for large transactions? Many thanks

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Thank you @francois , ok, so before uploading the information, I should remove the sort and then I will see the new data at the bottom, got it! (In the case I asked about, I had a sort, that’s why it didn’t work like that and the new items where mixed in the middle of the others).

Many thanks

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Hi Loli,

In the import summary, you have to differentiate new items, updated items and already up to date items.

  • New items - can be found at the bottom of the list
  • Updated items - are existing rows updated, you can’t search for them
  • Already up to date items - are existing rows left unchanged


If you would like to have the Updated items details, I recommend you to create an idea on the Community that can be upvoted by other users.

Hope it helps.



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Thank you @Benoit , it was about New Items, but good idea to follow up the updated also