Notification when a change is made

  • 17 February 2023
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Hi All!

Is there a way someone can get notified when a change is made automatically?

In headcount planning, we want the HR director to be notified when someone has requested a new head. I appreciate there’s the option of writing a comment, but wondered if theres an automatic way?


3 replies

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Lots of cool stuff coming on this front that we’re actively working on today! Check out the Collaboration & Workflows section of our roadmap: 

In the meantime will let others share if they have some clever ways they tackle at the moment :) 

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Hi @adhain 

Notification when changes are made is a good feature which we should have as soos as possible in pigment.

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Hi @adhain 

I think this feature is going to be Great and Helpful if implemented in Pigment as The person working on the app will get an idea as who is making the changes.