Pushing Data from Gsheet to Pigment

Hi here,

The possibility to Push Data from Gsheet to Pigment is very useful, thanks.

However, when pushing the informations, it seems that the line are being added to the previous lines and not replacing them.

For example, if someone is reviewing his budget in Gsheet and we want to push the information in Pigment, new figures will be added the previous pushed figures.

Is there a way to “update” the Named_Range and not adding it?



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Hi Ahmed,

In Gsheet, when you want to push data to Pigment, you can update the range in the “Pigment” tab of your file.

This is in the case your Gsheet data moves.


Otherwise, if you import data into a Pigment list (Dimension or Transaction) that uses a unique identifier, you can totally replace/update the data based on this ID.


Please let me know if it helps or if you have further questions?







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Additionally, you can update your dynamic Named Range using Gsheet menu:







and use it to push the data:


Thanks Benoit but even if I’m following your steps, the figures are coming in addition to the previous figures and not replacing them.

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Hi Ahmed, 

to help you further, I would need to explore your block’s configuration. Are you happy to submit a support ticket with your block details and what you’re trying to accomplish?

Many thanks.