Reagarding maximum Size of Excel which can be import manually easily

  • 30 March 2023
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Asking just for knowledge,

What maximum size of excel can we import manually in transaction List?

If our excel size is more than required size than what solution is available in Pigment.


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3 replies

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Awaiting for answer

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Hi @abhilashsawla, thanks for your question!

The recommendation is to keep files below a few hundred megabytes, if possible below 500 MB.

It is technically possible to upload larger files, though there is a risk it will timeout either during upload or when Pigment is processing them.

There will soon be an explicit limit on file upload which will be documented as soon as it’s enforced.

To workaround this limit, the recommendation is to split very large files into 2 or more smaller files. This will ensure the import remains fast and efficient.

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Thanks @Julien