Roundup Function is not working properly

  • 9 February 2023
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Without Round Up we were getting the value as 6.40 in june 23 in Black (Dimension list item) after round up we are getting 8 in june 23 but the value should come as 7. This is one example we are showing here but there are multiple errors. we

 are attaching the screenshot for the same

1 reply

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Hi Priya,

The results are different because the calculations are different.

It looks like you’re using PREVIOUS(Month) which means the calculation of Black + June 23 is going to take Black + May 23, which are different (4.0 with ROUNDUP, 3.2 without).

Have you tried storing the integer values in one metric and then doing a ROUNDUP in a different one? That way the PREVIOUS calculation will happen with decimals and you’ll still have the ROUNDUP for either displaying / reusing values.