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Hi Community,

we just started to push Salesforce Data into Pigment.

Currently we face the issue, that our Salesforce amounts  (Type currency) cannot be imported into Pigment as number, due to the currency symbols.

Is there any workaround instead of converting all Salesforce amount currency fields into number fields? (we have a lot)




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Hello Daniel, 

When configuring the import, have you tried using the specific formatting options to remove the currency symbols as Prefix or Suffix on the “Amount” column?

If you have inconsistency in your Amount column, then I would rather suggest you load it as a Text property and use LEFT(), RIGHT(), CONTAIN(), MID(), TRIM() functions to clean the Amount and then convert in a different column as a number using the VALUE() function.

Hope this helps



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Thanks Gawain, i was able to convert the data with the LEFT(), RIGHT(), CONTAIN(), MID(), TRIM() functions