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  • 19 December 2023
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Hello there! Is there any functionality to edit display names of Scenarios in Pigment? (Or any work arounds)

Here is the situation: I’m working on a BvA (comparing Actuals vs. Plan). In order to show my Actuals data I am using the “Current Forecast” scenario (because the Current Forecast scenario always has the latest and greatest actuals). However, when I put the BvA together the title of the scenario is “Current Forecast” and I don’t see any way to change it to “Actuals”

1) Is there functionality to edit display names of Scenarios in Pigment?
2) Is it general best practice to have a “Actuals” scenario (fully dedicated to only showing Actuals data) 



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Scenarios don’t have names + display name properties like dimensions do.

It’s not yet possible to change the display name of a scenario.

However it is possible to rename a scenario by clicking on the Edit options.


You can also maybe imagine duplicating your source scenario as a new child and renaming it so it better fits your needs.


About the best practice, I’d say from my experience I do see a lot of environments working with a dedicated Actuals scenario. And, as I would recommend to have it, it mostly depends on your use case and your own way of working with forecasting.


Hope it helps.


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Thanks Benoit, we have decided to use the dedicated “Actuals” scenario, similar to what you recommended 

Hello @Benoit ,
It seems that teh Edit scenario function is not working anymore (=> we cant change the name of a scenario, do you confirm ?)

It’s fixed , it seems it was a momentaneous bug  . Sorry for the spa

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I agree that it would be HUGELY helpful to be able to change the display name of the scenario.  I have had this same issue since deploying Pigment last year.  Our Budget vs. Actual scenario always shows as “live forecast” which causes a lot of confusion in our reporting.  It would be great to get this functionality rolled out.