Scenarios for Transaction Lists

  • 5 October 2023
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How do you guys lock headcount for a 3+9 or a 6+6 for example? Our headcount comes as an import from our HRIS load. But since we can’t apply scenarios to transaction lists, our locked 3+9 contains items from the current day.


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4 replies

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Hey Lester,


this is taken into account in our Workforce Planning standard app. if you don’t have it, ask for it to your CSM / support. 

We make a switchover with the Load Date. You can load everyday and not affect your past versions !

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So do you constantly append your transaction lists then and have a load date for each period? And if you need to do transfers you’re going into that transaction list and editing it?

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Correct, append everytime.

If you want to do daily, there’s no need to keep the daily, I recommend doing a unique ID that includes the load month so the daily doesn’t append but updates, it only appends at the change of the month

For such a type of data, volume is irrelevant it is more for clarity

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Yeah, it would be great if we could just scenariolize transaction lists instead of doing all these lookups to pick which date is correct.