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  • 12 September 2022
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How can I add a secondary axis to my chart?


Best answer by Keiran 12 September 2022, 10:27

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If you open your Metric on Chart Mode


Select Format


You will see the format pop-out on the right of your screen


Scroll down to Axis and you will see the ‘Secondary Axis’ toggle


Once enabled you will be able to determine whether your secondary axis is Fixed or Automatic


Something to note; you can only use a secondary axis on a ‘Combined Chart’ type.


Hope this helps!

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Thanks @Keiran for the quick response! I was using Line charts so couldn’t find the option for secondary axis. 

In combined chart when I am choosing secondary axis, by default, the bars are getting assigned to the primary axis and the line chart to the secondary axis. Can I switch that?

Also I really want to display both series as line chart. When I choose line chart for both of the series under combined chart option - both the series get assigned to the secondary axis. How can I assign one series to the primary axis? Thanks for the help!


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In this case unfortunately it is not yes possible to do to assign both series to the secondary axis. I would recommend adding an idea here: Product ideas | Community (