Using Modifiers BY with MINOF

  • 29 September 2022
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I am trying to get the first Month we have data of a customer to group it by cohort, and I want to add that date as a property of customer.

I was able to get that data using the following formula:

'Requests MRR BE'.Date[BY FIRST: 'Requests MRR BE'.'Company or Partner Id' ]


The problem is that it only works as long as I have sort the date ascending in the transaction list, and I would like to retrieve that data without having to sort my transaction list. Is there a way I can integrate MINOF in a modifier so that instead of the first value it finds it takes the smallest?


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Hi Jose!

You were really close, you can use MIN in that case to get the smallest date:

'Requests MRR BE'.Date[BY MIN: 'Requests MRR BE'.'Company or Partner Id' ]


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You’ll find the list of all aggregation and allocation methods for the modifier BY in this article: