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  • 6 March 2024
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Hello Everyone, 

I am working on a headcount report where in I have Actuals and Budget along with the variance. 


Now I want to reference scenarios in the formulas somehow to create a metric to use this logic:


If Actuals is blank and Budget is there, it means that that seat is not filled yet.


Is there anyway to do it?

4 replies

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You can’t reference scenarios in formulas.


Typically if a seat is being taken, info should come from the HR system and the match happen on the seat ID.


However if your actuals come from a transaction list, your metric will be filled on every scenario so you’ll have “actuals” on your budget. Can you describe a bit more what you need ?

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Hi Nathan, 

Actuals are coming from Workday and for Budget we have a transaction list. Currently we are using Actuals and Budget scenario but we need to incorporate the logic which we cross scenario calculation. 

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We have had the same issue with developing a cross-scenario calculation.  An approach we used to solve it is to create a dimension list that is similar or exactly the scenario names.  They we have a boolean dimension to identify the scenario.



Depending on the use case, the scenario dimension list may be a field on a transaction list or it may be added to a metric using a [BY:] modifier.


Since the metric now has the scenario dimension, we are able to reference it across scenarios.


Each use case is a little different, although I hope this helps.

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Hi Rami, 

Thank you for your response and looks like very interesting workaround. I will DM you to understand it more.