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  • 26 April 2023
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Is there any way as an admin to track when an user last logged into Pigment / track this over time? 
Would be great to have in order to track the actual adoption of Pigment across the business, given that a lot of user will only be consuming information (not making any changes to the assumptions, which would have appeared in the History logs).



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Hi there @OyvindB!


Thank you for posting to the community about this question. There isn’t a way to track logins natively in the Pigment app, however if you’re using an SSO solution, you might be able to see this metric there. 


I’ve reached out to some colleagues internally here about this question and will let you know as soon as I hear back to see if this is already feature that might be coming down the pipeline or would be a new feature request. 

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Hi there again @OyvindB,


I found that this is not a metric that is native in Pigment, but is offered as a part of our Premium Service Package.


If you’d like to have this as a native feature, I encourage you to create an idea on our ideas page:


Or if you were considering the route of the Premium Support Package, please let me know and I can have your CSM reach out to you.


I hope that this answers your question sufficiently, 

Have a great rest of your week!