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  • 14 February 2022
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Hi Pigment People!
I’m so delighted you’re here reading this. Ever since Romain (co-CEO and CTO) and I started our journey to create Pigment, we wanted to ensure what we built was powerful, flexible and easy to use. We’re still on that journey but you’ve all been crucial to where we are today.

We’re going to stick around in this Community with you all (hopefully you’ll pop in often) to ensure that we stay true to our values and vision. It means a lot to be able to work with folks like yourselves who have a similar vision to us and understand how Pigment can help you and your own organisations. By coming here, I hope to get plenty of signals and feedback on how we’re doing there. If there are more articles or ideas that you would like to see, just start a discussion!

It would be really cool if you introduce yourself in Rebe’s thread here

I’m looking forward to learning and sharing with you all — Romain and I, along with the whole Pigment team intend to be frequent contributors (you’ll see them introduce themselves beneath!), so feel free to drop me a note to say hi, ask questions and let us know if you have ideas that will help us bring more value to you!

Eléonore, Co-CEO

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