What is the easiest way to check connectivity between Models

If you create 3 Models, what is the easiest way to check which Dimensions, Metrics from one Model are used in another?

Case: a copy has been made of a working Model and updated. Too many updates have been made and we want to make the copied Model the new Model, but we need to check which Blocks to reconnect. What is the best way to do that? Dependency Diagram in combination with Settings > Libraries? Or is there a quicker way?

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Hi Jan,

Exploring this with the dependency diagram can be long and fastidious. You can also open a block’s “Library & Usage” settings to know where it’s used. Shared application would be displayed.

But again, depending how large is your app, you might have plenty of blocks to share.

In the case you’d like to get rid of your source app and keep only your copy, I would say:

  • In your copy, check your Libraries, verify all the shared metrics coming from the source app, if there are, it would be good to recreate them to stop the dependencies.
  • Do the opposite, in your source application, verify there is no connection with your copy.

This is the best way to know if your application rely on others. Additionnally you can:

  • Compare the block explorers to spot any additionnal/missing metrics between both applications, note that you can select all items’ text in the block explorer and copy paste it in a document to compare more accurately.
  • ensure your dimensions are either shared by a general hub or in your target copy application.


I hope it helps.

If you have ideas in mind to better solve this case, please have it shared on our Ideas Portal.

Let me know how it goes.




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Hello @Benoit,


No better solutions to solve it from my side, it is just a manual and detailed exercise as I experienced it. But it has been solved.


Thanks, Jan!