What is your preferred way to export reports to PDF?

  • 10 February 2023
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Hi everybody,


I’m sure, I’m not the only one, who wants to export reports sometimes.


  1. Boards are good candidates for it, but there is no export functionality (why?).
  2. Metrics/views are good too, but you cannot export multiple views to one Excel or PDF

What are you ways to export reports to files? Please share your ideas.

4 replies

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Hi @Dmitrii

Great question. There our three main options I’ve used in the past on projects:

1. Manual export of Views and Widgets.

Using the export functionality of any widget. Can be good for adhoc reporting.

2. Screenshots

For simple reporting you can screenshot a board or screenshot Sheet View. This can then be added to a powerpoint pack or PDF

3. Use of the Google Sheets Connector (LINK)

This option is the most powerful, but, takes the longest time to implement. In this scenario, you would set up a google sheet connector to export specific views and blocks. Once brought into Gsheets, you can then reference these cells in a Slides to bring in up to date information in a connected way. The downside to this approach is you have to set up 1 connection per view, but, once they are established the maintence requirement is low.

I hope the above helps?

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Hi @Dmitrii 

I totally agree with you for PDF export option from Metric or Table. it will save our lots of time to share data in PDF.

I also support for Export option from Board, It will help us to prepare report with Grid & Chart and share it in PDF with our team members.

It is really good feature which we should have in Pigment and hope pigment team will incorporate it soon.

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Hi @Dmitrii ,

I also support your request of exporting from Board directly. As pigment now has action button for import directly from board similarly it would be of great help if we could have an action button on board for export also where we can export in pdf format also


In fact, if Pigment Devs just hide control elements from boards and render the Board into a PDF, this would suffice. Sounds like a thing that is easy to implement by just implementing CSS.

Then users can just use browser’s Print function to export to PDF