Adaptive Display Controls in Page Selectors

  • 9 June 2023
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Adaptive display controls are a useful feature for managing the items that appear when a member selects a dropdown in the Page selector. This article aims to explore the different adaptive display options available and how each of them operates for both Board and Widget page selectors.


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For Page selection options set before June 2023.

The dynamic pages option no longer exists, and the adaptive display settings will be adjusted accordingly. If the dynamic pages option was previously turned off, the adaptive display will be set to 'All available items'. If the dynamic pages option was turned on, the adaptive display will be set to 'Dynamic selection'



What is Adaptive Display?


Adaptive display controls the items appearing in page selector dropdown based on various factors, ranging from predefined available items to dependency on other page selections or data availability. These options can be set at the Board or widget level.


Access Rights is accounted for in every option. This means if a Member has access rights set to No Read for an item, that item will not appear in the page selector dropdown. 


All Available Items


This option displays all items that are selected in the ‘Available Items' section. If items are excluded from that list, they will not appear in any Members page selection options. Individual Members could see different options based on their Access Rights configurations. 


Dependent Page Selections


By default, the dependent page selections feature shows items based on the items chosen in their parent pages. For example, if you have regional and country page selectors within a Board, selecting a regional item prompts the country page selector to only display countries that fall within that region.


Dynamic Selection


This option takes into account both dependent page selections and underlying data availability. If an item does not have any data associated with it, it will not be displayed. 


If a Metric has the "Show empty rows and columns" option activated within the filters, it will override the dynamic selection feature and show items without any underlying data.


Page selector options for larger lists.


When implementing adaptive display options, please keep in mind the message "Content too large to fully display" that may appear at the bottom of the Page selector. This message is shown when more than 1000 items are available, limiting the dropdown to display only the first 1000 items. However, you can search for any additional items.


Dependent Page Selections will be the best option for performance. This is because it can limit options based on parent selection while not having to check for underlying data. 


Dynamic Selection and Dependent page selections on Boards


When using using Dynamic Selection and Dependent Page selections on Boards you must use the same group dimension as a parent page selector for all widgets for this to work. Grouping or parent page selectors are page selectors that show the relationship between two dimensions.  The are created by using group properties, or properties in a Dimension list that use another dimension as the data type.   


For example, if you had a Country list with a Region property, that used a Region list, this would be a group property.  If you had a Metric that used Country > Region  as a page selector, that would be a grouped dimension.


If you wanted to use Dynamic Selection and Dependent page selections, you would have to use  Country > Region  as a page selector for applicable widgets.  If you were to use another Widget with just the Region page selector and not Country > Region , these options will not work in the Board page selectors.  



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