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  • 21 December 2021
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In Pigment, the Layout tab lets you choose between two grid display modes (Tabular and Tree) and set the Totals position in the grid. When you have chosen the type of grid you’d like to have you can customize it to make it more user-friendly. 


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In Tabular mode, Dimensions in rows are displayed in separated columns.

In Tree mode, Dimensions in rows are displayed within the same column, one above/below the other.

Notes on the Tree mode:

  • Expand/Collapse functionality is available directly on the row headers thanks to +/- icons.
  • The option "Show Totals on first row" is enabled by default in this mode and can be disabled from the same panel.
  • Applying formatting on a row will apply for that row only and not for the underlying ones.



Densify headers


The "Densify headers" option is particularly useful in order to save space when a Table's View contains Metrics that share different sets of Dimensions. Here is what it does:

  • With the option switched off, the Table's View will display the Dimensions one after the other, showing a Total header in case the Dimension selected in the Configure panel is not defined on the Metric.
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  • With the option is switched on, the Table's View will try to make the row headers as compact as possible, fitting them on the same column. For instance, if your Table contains four Dimensions but each Metric needs only two, the Table layout will only display two row headers instead of four.
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With the option is switched on, there are a few cases when swapping two Dimensions in the Configure panel will be ineffective. This happens when there is no better way to accommodate the layout given the other Dimensions in the Table's View. If you do need those Dimensions swapped, switch the option off.



Show Hierarchies in Tree View 

You can show hierarchies in tree view to easily show how data is aggregated.  Once showcased, you can use the Expand/Collapse functionality with  +/- icons.  Hierarchies in Pigment are established by grouping items using list properties.  Items that are not grouped with any other items will be displayed at the bottom.  


Show totals on first row

In Tree view, you can control if totals appear at the top or bottom by toggling the Show totals on first row


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