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  • 23 August 2023
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Depending on your browser preferred language, Pigment will adjust how number and date are displayed. This article shows the supported languages.


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How date and number formatting in Pigment is determined


Date and number formatting in Pigment uses your browser preferred language settings to determine how numbers and dates are formatted.  Browsers have a preferred language setting that allows you to rank your preference.  Based on your browser language selection and order, Pigment uses the first supported language to format date and number according to the bellow table.


If none of the languages in your browser list is supported, Pigment will use the English (United-States) formatting - i.e. MM/DD/YYYY for date and 123,456.78 for numbers.



How to adjust your browser language in Chrome


To change your browser preferred language on Chrome, use the following steps: 

  1. Open Chrome.
  2. At the top right, click More. Settings.
  3. On the left, click Languages.
  4. Under "Preferred languages," next to the language you'd like to use, click More
  5.  Click on “Set first”


This selection also applies to the language of the date picker  when performing manual input of dates in block or filtering dates.





Supported language and associated formatting


Here is the list of language supported by Pigment and their associated formatting for date and numbers typed fields:

Locale code Language Date Format Number format
da Danish DD.MM.YYYY 123.456,78
de German DD.MM.YYYY 123.456,78
de-AT German (Austria) DD.MM.YYYY 123 456,78
de-CH German (Switzerland) DD.MM.YYYY 123’456.78
el Greek DD/MM/YYYY 123.456,78
en English MM/DD/YYYY 123,456.78
en-AU English (Australia) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
en-CA English (Canada) YYYY-MM-DD 123,456.78
en-GB English (United Kingdom) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
en-IE English (Ireland) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
en-IL English (Israel) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
en-IN English (India) DD/MM/YYYY 1,23,456.78
en-NZ English (New Zealand) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
en-SG English (Singapore) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
en-TT English (Trinidad and Tobago) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
en-US English (United States) MM/DD/YYYY 123,456.78
es Spanish DD/MM/YYYY 123.456,78
es-DO Spanish (Dominican Republic) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
es-MX Spanish (Mexico) DD/MM/YYYY 123,456.78
es-PR Spanish (Puerto Rico) MM/DD/YYYY 123,456.78
es-US Spanish (United States) MM/DD/YYYY 123,456.78
fi Finnish DD.MM.YYYY 123 456,78
fr French DD/MM/YYYY 123 456,78
fr-FR French (France) DD/MM/YYYY 123 456,78
fr-CA French (Canada) YYYY-MM-DD 123 456,78
fr-CH French (Switzerland) DD.MM.YYYY 123 456,78
hr Croatian DD.MM.YYYY 123.456,78
hu Hungarian YYYY.MM.DD. 123 456,78
it Italian DD/MM/YYYY 123.456,78
it-CH Italian (Switzerland) DD.MM.YYYY 123’456.78
nb Norwegian Bokmål DD.MM.YYYY 123 456,78
nl Dutch, Flemish DD-MM-YYYY 123.456,78
nl-BE Dutch, Flemish DD/MM/YYYY 123.456,78
nn Norwegian Nynorsk DD.MM.YYYY 123,456.78
pl Polish DD.MM.YYYY 123 456,78
pt Portuguese DD/MM/YYYY 123.456,78
pt-BR Portuguese (Brazil) DD/MM/YYYY 123.456,78
sv Swedish YYYY-MM-DD 123 456,78
sv-FI Swedish (Finland Swedish [sv-fi]) DD.MM.YYYY 123 456,78





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