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  • 26 January 2023
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Sheet view is a spreadsheet-style view with similar functionality. It is a display mode of a Metric or Table similar to a Grid, Chart, or KPI. You can activate it from the Block view or from the expanded Widget view on a Board.  This article shows how Sheet View works within Pigment. 


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What is Sheet View?


Sheet view is a spreadsheet-style view with similar functionality. It is a display mode of a Metric or Table similar to a Grid, Chart, or KPI. Sheet View includes its own menu with options for Toolbar, Formula, Data, and View. This menu is specific to Sheet View and works alongside other Pigment functionality, such as Access Rights, Sorts, Pivoting, Filters, and Formatting.



How to input data into Pigment from Sheet view?


On April 14th, Sheet View will no longer have Autosave turned off by default.  This means the Autosave functionality will be determined by the settings of the Block that the view is from.   The instructions within this section describe how you would save your inputs if Autosave was Off.  


Inputting data in Sheet view is the same as inputting another grid and is depending on the Autosave functionality setting.   Below is an example of when the Autosave functionality is turned off.




You can enable or disable real-time input changes for a session by clicking on the Autosave inputs toggle. If you are in Sheet View in full screen, you will see the autosave status at the top. 

Turning Autosave on is when directly in the Block Settings 


What is the pivot?


The pivot is the area of the Sheet View that pulls in data from Pigment. It is called the pivot because it is also controlled by using the pivot functionality.



How is information stored outside of the pivot in Sheet View?


One advantage of Sheet View is the ability to add additional context, calculations, and information outside of the pivot. Users with the Configure View permission will have their additional context, calculations, and information outside of the pivot saved and visible to all other users.  If a User does not have the Configure View permission, they will be able to edit that area but their changes will not be visible to other users. They will receive the following message View modifications and side calculations are not seen by other members and will reset after leaving.”


While data within the pivot is controlled by Access Rights, the area outside of the pivot is visible to all users who have access to the Board in which it is published. 


What are the Sheet View menu options?


When you open Sheet View directly from a Metric or Table or from the expanded view on a Board, you will see a menu across the top with Toolbar, Formula, Data, View, and the Sheet View formula bar. 


Toolbar  - Customize the format and colors of the grid and content.

Formula - Insert spreadsheet functions used in formulas. Before entering formulas, please read the How can I input formulas section.

Data - Prevent users from inputting data, and specify data grouping options.

View - Access Sheet View-specific functionality including Zoom, Freeze Panes, and Gridline options.

You must have the Configure View permission for your view modifications to be saved. View modifications include freezing panes, formatting and color changes.

How do I input formulas?


Keep in mind the differences between Pigment formulas and Sheet View formulas:

  • Pigment formulas control how a Metric’s data will flow in the rest of the Application
  • Sheet View formulas only work with data from that Metric so you cannot pull data from another Metric

The purpose of Sheet View formulas is to analyze data within a Metric, or Table, or to perform cell-level calculations for creating inputs. Sheet View formulas follow a cell-level syntax, meaning they refer to individual cells vs items or Metrics.  You can find the list of functions by clicking on the Insert Function button from within the Formula menu option.  You can also click on a function category to choose a function and enter the parameters for it. 


Where can you use Sheet View Formulas?


You can use the formulas available from Sheet mode to create inputs in the pivot. Once you save your data inputs in the Sheet View, only the value is saved not the formula.

If you create a formula outside the pivot, the formula will remain and can be used for advanced reporting. It is important to note, you must be within the metric/table, or within the expanded view from a Board to see Sheet View formulas. 


Sheet view formulas are cell-based and relative to the Page and Pivot selections. This means when you choose different pages or pivot dimensions your values will change.  





Can I apply formatting to Sheet View?


Yes!  You can apply the formatting options with the Toolbar menu to Sheet View.  These changes will remain and be present for all users who can access that block.  


How can I prevent users from inputting data within the pivot and push it into Pigment?


If you want to prevent all users from inputting data within the pivot through the Sheet View, first Save all your inputs.

Then follow the steps below to prevent any further edits from users. 

  1. Click on Data while in Sheet View

  2. Deselect Allow editing Block data. This functionality is accessible in a block view or when the widget is expanded. 

If a user tries to enter data when Allow editing Block data is turned off, they will get the following error  “The cell you are trying to change cannot be modified. Pivot input can be enabled in Data > Allow editing Block data.”


What is the difference between Save View and Save in Sheet view?


The Save View button in the top right works similarly to all other display modes. If you change a view using Pivot, Filter, Sort, or adjustments to Aggregators, you can save these changes to a view  using the Save View button. These changes are then reflected in the view saved in the view panel.

If you select the Save button in the bottom right, it will input any data into the Metric. If you leave Sheet View without saving these changes, you will be prompted to save the changes so others can see them. 



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