How to deactivate a member of your Pigment Workspace?

  • 4 April 2022
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One of your colleagues is leaving your team? In this article, you will learn about how to remove their access to your Pigment Workspace.


Before you start
You must have the following prerequisites in order to change someone’s role:

  • Be an Admin member of your Pigment Workspace


Important note

All applications owned by a user must be transferred or deleted before removing this user’s access.



1. Transfer ownership or delete the user’s applications


How to transfer an application?

In the Sidebar, open your application settings and navigate to the Security tab.

Under the permission section, you can change the application owner.

Important note

Only the current application owner can edit the ownership.


How to delete an application?

If you are both an admin of your Pigment workspace and of an application, you can delete this application.

In the sidebar, open your application settings, you will arrive in the general tab where you can delete permanently the application.


More help

If you can’t transfer the ownership or delete the user’s applications because this person has already left and you’re not an admin on his applications, please contact Pigment Support.




2. Edit the members settings


This user no longer owns applications? Perfect! You can now proceed and remove him/her from the Workspace.

Go on your workspace homepage where all your applications are listed. In the sidebar, you can click on “Members” and see the full list of users. Find the user and deactivate it.


If this user still has applications, you will have an error message saying it is not possible to remove this user.

A “Pending” user is someone who has been invited to the Workspace but who has not validated the account yet.

The deactivated user will remain in the members list but flagged as “Deactivated”, if needed you can also reactivate it.



A person can have multiple accounts based on different emails. We encourage to check if the user to be removed does not have a spare account.



Now that you’ve read this article, it is maybe a good time to clean your members list? 😉

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