Pigment License Types [Legacy v2]

  • 23 November 2022
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There are different components to the Pigment pricing plan, which is structured according to your needs:

  • Platform fee
  • Number of licenses
  • Associated features
  • Number of blocks

For more information on the different plans we have available and what is included within each plan, please refer to our pricing pageThis article will cover the definition of the different license types purchased with your plan. 


Table of Contents


Pricing and Licenses Overview 


Pigment’s pricing is based on your purchased plan, which includes different components structured to your needs, along with a number of licenses. The details of your plan (your plan name, the start and end dates of your plan, and license utilization) are listed on the Plan & Usage page located within Pigment. 

Workspace Admins, Security Admins, and Primary Owners can access this page by clicking Settings on the Sidebar from the workspace level. From there, you can select Plan & Usage to see the details of your plan and compare it with other plans.  


What are the different license types?


Pigment uses a permission-based licensing system. In this system, a member’s license is determined by the actions they are granted permissions to do on the platform.

There are two different licenses, Editor and Explorer. Explorer users are the default member in Pigment - a member added into Pigment starts with the fewest permissions, hence they are an Explorer. An Editor license type is assigned to a member by granting them more advanced permissions which enables them to use all platform functionality.


Here is a high-level overview of the differentiation between the two license types. 



The Plan & Usage page will display the usage of your licenses against the licenses purchased as part of your overall price plan.


Note: All Partner Licenses purchased will be included into the license count in the Usage section of the page.


What features turn an Explorer into an Editor?


Once a member is added to Pigment, they will count as an Explorer. There are different permissions that will elevate them into the more advanced Editor role. 

A member is assigned to a license type by granting them permissions in 2 levels:

  • Workspace-level permissions: by assigning the Member an Account Type
  • Application-level: by assigning specific permissions in the User Role and managing their ability to input

Note: Writing or inputting data into blocks or board widgets is also counted in the Contributor license. These are configured via Access Rights, and we recommend that you set up the Role default Access Rights to allow/disallow Write actions accordingly.  

If a Member’s role has the default Access rights set to “Write” or “Unspecified” it will be upgraded to an Editor License.


Note: You can assign a Partner user to become an Editor or Explorer by configuring their permissions accordingly, the same as with other Members.


Workspace Level permissions: Account Type


When adding a member to Pigment, they are assigned the “Standard Member” Account Type by default. Account types grant the workspace-level permissions for a member which in turn defines the actions they can perform at the workspace level.

If a member has an Account Type other than a Standard Member, they are considered an Editor. This is because they will have the permission to create new Applications. In order to be an Explorer, a user must first have the Standard Member account type. 


  • A user can have a Standard Member account type and still be considered an Editor if they are given certain Application Level permissions.



Application Level permissions 


Each Application has its own set of permissions associated with it. While a user might have an Account Type of Standard Member, they can still be an admin or have advanced permissions within an individual Application. 



Ability to Input Data


Besides permissions, Explorers and Editors are differentiated through the ability to input data in Pigment. This is not controlled through permissions, but rather through Access Rights

Access Rights control which data a user has access to, they also control if a user can read the data or write into the data. If a user is given the ability to write, or input data, they will be considered an Editor. 

This can be established through the Role they are assigned or through a custom implementation of Access Rights. In order for a user to count as an Explorer, they can only have Read access, if they are given Write access they will be counted as an Editor. 


Summary of Explorer and Editor Workspace-level permissions

Summary of Explorer and Editor Application-level permissions

  • A Standard Member with only Display Application and Formula Playground permissions, and no other permissions granted, will be considered an Explorer.
  • If a member has any permissions other than the above, they are considered an Editor. 
  • We recommend as best practice to set up the Access Rights for Explorers to prevent Write access for them.  
  • If a member has default Write Access Rights on their Roles set as “Unspecified” or “Write”, they will be considered as an Editor. 


Role’s Permissions to License type table 


The table below highlights the Role’s Permissions that are included for each License type.  

Default Access rights are also factored in when calculating License type.  All Read Application data options are included for each type.  However, if a Member has to Write Application data set to “Unspecified” or “Write” they are upgraded into the Editor license.


Permission Name Explorer Editor
Display Application Included Included
Configure Application    Included
Define Application security   Included
Configure calendars   Included
View History   Included
Create & Delete Folders   Included

​Create scenarios

​Delete scenarios   Included

Formula playground

Included Included
Display Block Explorer   Included
Configure Blocks   Included
Configure Views   Included
Add List Items   Included
Remove List Items   Included
Reorder List Items   Included
Import Data   Included
Open Boards  Included Included
Configure Boards   Included
Comment on Boards   Included Included


For more information on your individual pricing plan and how to manage your license usage, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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