The Pigment Community is levelling up – introducing our new badge and rank system! 🏅

  • 17 October 2023
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We’re coming to you with a new badge and rank system 🏆


Why the overhaul? We want to award different kinds of participation in the Community and our previous system wasn’t designed for that. Also, the new badges just look better don’t they… In the end it’s about recognizing the contributions of our most active members – we’re so grateful for the amazing community we’ve built together.


Our new badge system consists of 9 different badges, which have different levels you can achieve.*

  • Author – Posts (question, conversation, article) 📝
  • Helper – Answers 🎓
  • Chatterbox – Replies 💬
  • Star – Likes Received ⭐
  • Connoisseur – Likes Given 📚
  • Innovator – Submit a Product Idea 💡
  • Builder – Idea Delivered into Product 🛠️
  • Socialite – Attend Pigment Events (online or offline) 🫂
  • Pigment-versary – Pigment Community Anniversary 🎂

*On top of these badges, we also have specific badges relating to Partners and the Academy.


We’ll begin rolling out the new badges this week and expect to be done by the end of the week. This is just the beginning of a new chapter on our Community and if you have more ideas and suggestions, let’s chat!


Will I have to start from scratch to earn new badges? Worry not! We aren’t starting from the beginning here. We take into account your activity up until now to award the new badges for those who have already earned them.


Are there rewards associated with the badges? As well as the accolade itself, once you reach the higher badge levels you can expect something from the Pigment team 👀


For the full Badge & Rank Documentation, visit our wikis here:


Excited to see you all collect our new shiny badges! 🥇🥈🥉

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