Connect Pigment with Xero

  • 13 October 2022
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Connect Pigment with Xero
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This article explains how to connect Xero with Pigment to retrieve Xero’s General Ledger data into a Pigment’s block.


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As with all other native Pigment integrations, you’ll first need to configure a Connection in the integration Library page. Once configured, this connection can be used by any Application that is authorized as a data source. These authorized Apps are defined during the ‘Import Data’ configuration step. Now, let’s see how to configure and use this native integration!



You need to be a Pigment Workspace Admin to be allowed to configure the connector.


Setting up the Xero Connector 


Within Pigment, navigate to the Integration page from your Workspace homepage, and click on + Add on the Xero integration.

Xero connector is using the OAuth authentication system. Click Set up a Connection and then on Connect.





Select the Organization you want to connect with Pigment. Then click on Allow access.



Next, fill the following 3 fields: 

  • Name: give a name to your connection (recommendation: add the tenant name in it)
  • Application Access: List the applications which will be allowed to use this connection
  • Tenant: select you the tenant want to connect with.



Note: Xero is a multi-tenant system, one account can have access to multiple organizations/tenants. If you want to connect with multiple Tenants, you will need to configure one Pigment connection for each individual organization/tenant. 


Loading Xero’s General Ledger data into Pigment


Once the Xero Connection is configured, open an Application that the connection is available on and open the “Import Data” interface for the object you want to import data into.  For example, if you were importing data into a Transaction list, you would open up the list and then select Import and Download and then Import.

Instead of “Upload file”, select the Integration option.  From here, select your Xero Connection.


If you do not see the connection, navigate back to the Integrations page, and verify that the Application is on the Application Access list.


The Connection allows you to load the Journal/General Ledger data thanks to the Xero Journal API.

If you don’t input any value in the “Starting at Journal ID” parameter Pigment will load all journal data by default. If you want to limit the data loaded, you can adjust this value to only load journal entries which are after this value. 

Now you can just click on Set up import  and continue the standard import flow.



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