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  • 21 December 2021
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Removes one or multiple Dimensions from a Block.



source_block[REMOVE [aggregator]: dimension1[, dimension2]]

  • source_block This is Metric or List Property that is number or integer formatted, that you want to remove dimensions from.
  • aggregator-  This is an optional argument where you define the aggregation methodology, the default is SUM. 
  • dimension1- This is the dimension that you wish to remove.
  • dimension2- This argument is for any additional dimensions you would like to use, any additional dimensions after 1 are separated by a comma. 


The default aggregator, if omitted, is SUM for number objects. Other aggregators are listed here: Aggregation Methods.


Return type

same as source object



Revenue is a number Metric with the following Dimensions: Country, Product and Month



Revenue[REMOVE SUM: Country]

Returns the Revenue by Product and Month where all Countries were summed up.

Revenue[REMOVE AVG: Country, Product]

Returns the Revenue by Month with the average value of Country and Product.

Revenue[REMOVE MIN: Country, Product, Month]

Returns the minimum value of Revenue across all Dimensions. This is similar to using the MINOF function.

Employee.Department[REMOVE COUNTBLANK: Employee]

Returns the number of Employee with empty values in the Employee's Department Property.


Excel equivalent: none

See also: ADD, FILTER

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