Push data from Google Sheets Into Pigment

  • 21 December 2021
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Push data from Google Sheets Into Pigment
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The Pigment Connector for Google Sheets allows you to push data from Google Sheets into Pigment.  This article discusses the different configuration options.  Check out this article to see how to install the connector or read more about how to push data. 


Table of Contents 

Check out the Google Sheets Integration Micro-learning series in the Pigment Academy!

To push data into Pigment, first sign into the Pigment Connector from within the Google Sheet sheet that contains the data you with to push, then click Push to Pigment. 




Create sheet configuration 


When readying a Google Sheet to be able to push data into Pigment, you must first have a sheet dedicated to the necessary configuration options.  Click Create Sheet Configuration to create a dedicated page.

You’ll see a new Sheet called Pigment, the fields in blue are mandatory and must be filled to be able to push data into Pigment.  


Column Description Example
Description Name for your export type (optional) Country List
Sheet Name of the sheet with your data Lists
Named Range Fill with:
  • a dynamic Named Ranged in column Named Range (find Google documentation here)
  • a fixed Begin/End Range
Begin Range A1  
End Range C7  
Import ID

Fill the import ID associated with your import in Pigment. To find it:

  • Make an import manually with a CSV
  • ⚠️  The number and dates format must be en-GB ⚠️
  • Save the import pipeline
  • Go to Settings > Import pipelines of your block
  • Click on Copy ID of your saved import

More documentation saving an import ID here

Header Row Row number including the headers if not included in the range selected 11
Debug Return detailed information about a specific row  TRUE
Show CSV Type TRUE to Show or Download the CSV. Leave empty or FALSE to export without showing or downloading the CSV. This option can be set row by row TRUE
Dimension: x

If you need to add a Dimension modality that is not included in the range selected:

  • Replace x in the column name with the exact name of the Dimension
  • In the field, enter the specific item from within that  Dimension

Column Header would be

Dimension: Scenario

The cell’s data would be 




Download Export Data as CSV


If you have the Show CSV field set to TRUE, you can click on Download Export Data from within Pigment Connector sidebar to download a CSV file extract of the data imported.


View export data as CSV

You can also select to View export data as CSV to be able to see a popup of the values that have been exported from Google Sheets into Pigment. 



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Do you have an example of the date format we should be using?

I see that you have documented en-GB, but when I try to push data back into Pigment it says it can’t read the data format?

So for data from the month of June 2022 for example I am using 01/06/2022, but I am getting errors. Thanks!