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  • 8 February 2023
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Does have an api documentation, regarding the usage of api key .

i am looking for full api doc that will help me to understand the endpoints and using those with cURL requests


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Hi @Raasi 

We have various articles on using the Pigment API available: 


I hope this helps! :) 

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Hey @Raasi

In addition to what @Michael said, I’ve got some example cURL requests here if it helps. Replace anything between the ‘<< >>’ with your own values. 

Import API

curl --request POST '<<import config id>>' \
--header 'X-Pigment-Api-Key: <<your API key>>' \
--header 'Content-Type: text/csv' \
--data-binary '<<CSV here>>'

Export API
Metrics and Tables

curl --request GET '<<application id>>/view/ExportTableData/<<view id>>' \
--header 'X-Pigment-Api-Key: <<your API key>>'

List Data

curl --request GET '<<application id>>/view/ExportListData/<<view id>>' \
--header 'X-Pigment-Api-Key: <<your API key>>'