Building a balance sheet in pigment

  • 29 March 2024
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I am trying to build a balance sheet but I did not find any article about it.

So i create a saved search in netsuite that is linked to metric in Pigment by using a transaction list.
I’m trying to display data for multiple periods ( ex: dec 21, dec22...) in the same metric but looks like i have to create different transaction lists for different periods and then create a table to aggregate all the periods.

Happy to have your insight on the most efficient way to build a balance sheet,


1 reply

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Hello @Cedric LJ ,

If I understand correctly, you have a transaction list with multiple properties, including GL Account. You also have a chart of account structure that allows you to build the structure of your balance sheet.

My understanding is that as long as you have a “Month” property that defines the month where each transaction should go, you should be able to use BY for both GL account and Month. Ensuring that the data flows into a metric dimensioned by GL Account and Month. If you have more dimensions, such as Entity, these should also be identified as properties and included in your formula.

I hope that was clear!