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  • 2 June 2022
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Calculated item is only possible for columns? I’m trying to compare two rows but this “Add Calculated Items” is showing only in the column.



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Hello Carolina,


Calculated items works on dimensions, doesn’t matter if those are in columns or rows.

In your example you clicked on a metric, and the options you have are % Show Value as, which will give you similar possibilities

When I try to add a “calculated item”, the results derive from the two months I set in the block.

But, when I tried to change the periods (for example changing the months), the calculated item was still fixed on the previous months. Is it possible that the periods in the “calculated item” will be adjusted automatically?

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if you want to make your calculated item dynamic on time, you need to set it up on another dimension, like version:

Put your versions on columns, and do the calculated items on them, like this: