Calculating forward sum of values

  • 15 February 2024
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I want to sum the values from my current starting point to the last value available in a metric. As you can see first value is 0.22 and last is -30,993,214 and sum of all those in middle will be 30,669,213 something.

that metric called inp_when to sell asset differs for each sage entity asset. How can i go about doing this calc in simple way? I tried moving sum etc but doesnt work.



Best answer by Issam Moalla 15 February 2024, 12:48

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4 replies

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Hi @mmusab ,

To achieve this, you could apply the Cumulate function.

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Hi @Issam Moalla 

Can you show an example ? I tried but can’t seem to get my head around ? As cumulate only sum previous values.  

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Hi @mmusab ,

Yes , consider values your source metric that you are looking to cumulate.
In the screenshot below , I have added Sum forward metric which will add the values forward.

If you are looking to apply cumulate on the reverse order, you would need a Reverse order property in the list you wish to cumulate upon:

And apply the formula based on that order using the following formula:

cumulate (Values, Years on Years.'Reverse Order')

Hope this is what you are looking to achieve.
If not could you share an example how the result should be calculated.

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Thanks a lot.