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  • 20 October 2023
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Hi folks,

The following query is about generating a Metric with data type dimension “Employee”

The metric is counting how many items of a Text metric 1 are in another Text Metric 2.

I use the following formula:

If ( Text Metric 1 = Text Metric 2, “Employee”) [REMOVE Lastnonblank: Month, 'Employee']

My problem is that I have no results when I should have.


Thanks in advance!!

New Metric -

Type Dimension (Employee)

Text Metric 1 Text Metric 2
Cost Center Cost Center  
Entity Entity  
TBH Request TBH Request  
Version Version Version

2 replies

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Hi Guillermo,

Since your text Metric 1 and text Metric 2 are not aligned except for the Version dimension there is no way - in my opinion - this could work.


Additionnally, this is not the best way to count cells based on a condition.


Could you maybe share more about what you’re trying to count? or the outcome you’re trying to achieve?




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Hi Guillermo,


Have you found a solution maybe?

Does this situation require more assistance?