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  • 7 February 2024
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I have gone through all of the available training and videos for Pigment modules and setting up Demos. I would like to know if there are any additional Demo resources and data I can use to test my skills.


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Great to hear that you’ve spend plenty of time exploring Pigment and the different resources! 


On the Academy side, we’re nearing the end of a heavy lift to create a whole set of courses delving deeper on how Pigment’s calculation engine works. Some of the introductory content is already live and we’ll be adding more as-and-when it’s ready. We’ll share a lot more about what it covers once it’s all live (tentatively we’re aiming for the end of this month). You can follow along here: 


On the Community side, do check out some of these modeling guides that have been written by our solutions architects. They cover a lot of best practises and more advanced areas to tackle - you may need to do some work to recreate the concepts they’re covering in here: 


You may also want to watch some of the previous Webinar Demos that our Solutions Consulting team has hosted to give you more ideas for building to meet different use cases, you can always have a go at recreating some of what they’ve built and are demo’ing: 


And finally, I can recommend spending some time in the Functions & Modifiers app if you haven’t done so already. You most likely will have it in your workspace already (might need to ask your security admin to give you access), so you can explore more deeply how the different modifiers and functions work in Pigment, and have a go at chaining them together. 


Hope that gives you some more areas to explore!

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I should add @Paylward - would you be open to meeting some of the Academy and/or Community team to share any feedback, ideas, challenges that you faced? Would happily set some time up!