Filtering dimension selections

  • 6 December 2023
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Is there existing functionality to facilitate the filtering of a dimension input metric, say on a Department dimension, whereby subsequent selections would then be filtered based on only valid intersections that apply?  I currently have two input metrics, one by dimension Department and the other by dimension Position.  Is there a way that when the selection is made for Department, say “Accounting”, only the relevant Job Positions are now available within that dimension drop-down, so that something like Job Position “Legal Analyst” isn’t a viable option?

3 replies

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I believe the “Dependant dropdown” feature is answering your need:


It allows you to “connect” two metrics of type dimensions in order to have a dependency between them.


Does this help?

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It looks as though this feature is isolated to a Transaction List, is that accurate?

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Yes you are correct - this feature is currently only available in list properties.


As you can see here, we hope to roll this feature out to metrics in the not-too-distant future.