Flipping a metric around

  • 11 January 2023
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I think this is a simple problem, but it probably isn’t. 

I have a metric (Metric - Is locked) of type: Dimension (Locked) with only Yes or No as options. 

Dimension: Version Metric: Yes/No


Plan Yes
Forecast No


Can I easily flip this around to show the inverse of the metric (here using firstnonblank)?

Dimension: Locked Metric: Version
Yes Actuals
No Forecast



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Hi @agnar,


You can, please see below a screenshot. You were right on the syntax!

Hope this helps, please note you will lose the “lock status” for the “Plan” version as it does get ignored because of the FIRSTNONBLANK aggegrator. Not sure what your end goals is here so might not be an issue.



Thank you! This does exactly what I was looking for. Too bad my end goal involves a much more complex structure. But this did indeed block my thinking 👍

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Great to hear. If you need any more support with that end-goal feel free to reach out!