How can we get a day dimension to stop showing date and time?

  • 23 February 2024
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Hey there,

I’m trying to use yesterday’s revenue to forecast the rest of the month’s revenue.
For that, we created a Day dimension, which is a calendar type.

Strangely, when displayed in the dimension itself, it looks normal (like a date).
However, when we add it to a metric pivot it always adds the time. How do we stop it from doing this?
I’ve already checked the Day dimension Special Properties and Default Display Name and it just uses the Name column for this.

Images below.

Any help is much appreciated!

Day dimension
Day dimension used in a metric pivot



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2 replies

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Just resolved this!
-Re-uploaded my Day dimension .csv with an extra column where the date is formatted as a text
-Mapped it to a new column in my Day dimension with type Text
-Set it as the default display name in my dimension settings


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 Hi @Naomi Vriend ,

if your app uses the Pigment calendar, it's worth considering using the built-in "Day" dimension instead of creating it.

By updating your calendar: