How create current date matric, which fetch current date automatically?

  • 22 July 2022
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I want same feature like Today() in Excel.


Best answer by Chris 1 September 2022, 23:19

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8 replies

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Hi  abhilashsawla I have the same question, did you found a way replicate TODAY() formula in Pigment?


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I did not find. 

if you find the solution for the same, please let me know.

Hi @abhilashsawla @Jose 

Can you tell us a bit more about your use cases and what you are trying to achieve? Depending on your situations, there may be a few solutions to this, and it may be a new feature our product team is working on. 

Looking forward to your response.



I was looking to achieve something similar. I was trying to use todays date to determine if a Project is active. The project has a start and end date. I was also trying to use the INPERIOD function but couldn't quite figure if that worked for this. Essentially in Excel it’s an IF statement TRUE/FALSE if todays date falls with in the project start and end date to determine if its active. 


Active?:  IF(AND(TODAY()>Start Date, TODAY()< End Date), TRUE, FALSE)

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Hi @jbellcourt     
We don’t currently have a today() function but its definitely on our radar.   
You could use the prorata function.       

Your formula would look something like this.   if(prorata(Month,Project.'start Date',Project.'end Date'+1)=1,true,false)


Let me know if that helps. 

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Hi @Tess.Hunt a current date or current year function would be really helpful.
It is usefull for a lot of cases. Currently I would like to dynamicaly filter the displayed years on a metric view and not maintain it year over year.
Regards, David

Hi @David Mandl . Thanks for your response. As Chris mentioned, it’s definitely on our radar and the use cases everyone has provided here has been fed back to our product team :)

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Hi @Tess.Hunt any update on this feature, will this feature be available on pigment soon?